Bonkers USA Sex Laws

We’re pretty progressive over her in Australia. That’s one of the reason Agency Atlantic decided to open a dedicated office in Sydney and we’ve enjoyed tremendous success with that venture. Escorting is 100% legal in Australia and as a result crime rates have come down, the ladies generally feel safer and everything’s just better – whoo-hoo Australia.

The states, on the other hand, are rather backwards when it comes to laws and policies governing sexuality. A mate of mine just spent six months over there and what she told me beggars belief. Here are just a couple of the weird, antiquated laws Americans have regarding one of the funnest, most natural things in the world.

Possession Of Condoms in NYC is Considered a Crime


Wait what? It’s true. Having multiple condoms is considered to be evidence of attempt to engage in prostitution. I guess if the NYPD need to up their arrest rates they can just raid the nearest health clinic or Planned Parenthood.

Only The Missionary Position is Legal In Florida

Sorry cowgirl, your position aint legal in FL

Sorry Floridians, but you guys are missing out. Though I can see how this one is enforced isn’t it sad to think that one could be arrested simply for climbing on top of a man. I mean serious, the US is all about cowboy culture but a reverse cowgirl is illegal in one of the biggest states of the union?

Sodomy was a crime in most states until just recently. These are just the tip of the iceberg. Just makes us glad that we operate out of Australia.

Best @atlanticaus





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