New Post on The Science of Kissing

Our main tagline at Atlantic is Honest, Reliable & Discreet which works great; it describes our values, looks professional on business cards and fits our mission. But another pithy term keeps popping up when we write copy for our site and it describes us perfectly too: GFE with A PSE Twist.

I love the way that sounds and our lovely ladies love making it happen. What more could you really ask for from an escort?

Our earlier post on the universality of what males of the species Homo Sapiens find attractive in women uncovered some pretty darn interesting facts so we’ve been researching the scientific literature again and might have uncovered some physiological reasons why a good ol’ Girl Friend Experience is beneficial for your health, and why it’s so in demand.

GFE ==== DFK === Biological Cascade of Awesome

It’s just like my grandaddy used to tell me: “A GFE with no DFK ain’t no GFE in my book.” What a perceptive fellow he was… and deep, passionate kissing is one of the hallmarks of the girlfriend experience.

Passionate kissing is also one of the hallmarks of the human experience. Turns out every culture throughout every time period of human history engaged in smooching. Why is the act of pressing one’s lips against another’s such an enduring feature of the human experience?

Because it feels good, duh. True, but scientists who study kissing (they exist and even have a name: philematologists) have found a wide array of physiological processes associated with swapping saliva that boost immunity, decrease stress and provide a host of health benefits.

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